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Wireless Charging Dock
For iPhone X and iPhone 8/8Plus


(Compatible with Andriod based Qi enabled devices)
Supports wireless charging up to 10W*

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iSkin Viva Wireless Charger (Front View)
Hand Placing iPhone X on iSkin Viva Wireless Charger

Fast, Reliable Wirelessly Charging

Viva is the culmination of excellent engineering and superior wireless charging technology for your beloved iPhone. Viva lets you charge your devices quickly with up to 10W  based on the power adapter used.

(*Fast 10W charging requires 18W USB wall charger). (5V 2.0A USB Charger Required - Not included)

Viva shown charging an iPhone 8
Viva showing heat ventilation for cool efficient charging

Fast Wireless Charging
Viva is the culmination of excellent engineering and superior wireless charging technology for your beloved iPhone. Viva lets you charge your devices quickly with up to 10W based on the power adapter used.

(*Fast 10W charging requires 18W USB wall charger).
(5V 2.0A USB Charger Required - Not included)

Viva showing heat ventilation for cool efficient charging

Cool, Efficient Charging
Wireless charging can generate heat and lose efficiency. Viva is engineered to keep the circuits and charging coils cool. This features also ventilates the back of the mobile phone and promotes a faster charge.

iSkin viva shown with its dual-coil technology

Dual-Coil Technology

Viva has not one but two effective wireless charging coils that are paired to an intelligent charging circuit that provides a strong and stable charge. When used with a 9 volt QuickCharge charger, Viva is able to charge compatible devices up to 70% faster than a standard wireless charger.

iSkin Viva shown in landscape view for game playing

Charge and Play

Viva lets you charge your device in landscape mode while using it. You can play games, watch movies or use your favourite alarm clock app in landscape mode

iSkin Viva shown with iPhone X and iSkin Claro Case

Case Friendly

The Viva lets you charge your iPhone with an iSkin or similar case on it making it convenient to use as a bed side charger or at your desk during office hours.

Best USB charger options for wireless charging

Selecting the right USB charger for VIVA

You can use just about any USB Charger with VIVA. However, charge speeds vary greatly depending on the charger’s power capacity. For standard fast charging a 2AMP USB charger is recommended.  For optimized Fast Charging,  a USB-C charger with Power Delivery (PD) is required (USB-C to Micro USB Cable required and is not included with VIVA).