iSkin Solo with SurfGuard (unlimited VPN)

iSkin Solo with SurfGuard

Privacy Included.

iSkin Solo with SurfGuard is the perfect way to protect your iPhone and your Privacy! SurfGuard installs on your iPhone an uses modern virtual private network (VPN) technology to encrypt your connection over any WiFi or cellular network you join – for complete privacy anywhere in the world!
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encryptedEverything Encrypted!

With SurfGuard activated on your iPhone, all network activity is encrypted. This means that every App that sends or receives your data over WiFi Internet will instantly have class-leading encryption used by banks and governments.
(i.e Messaging, VoIP, Video, Social, Shopping, Banking apps and more...)

transfersSecurely Send & Receive Everything.

All your files are now safe to send and receive over any connected WiFi network - Anywhere in the world. You never have to worry about hackers, network snooping or anyone on the Internet intercepting your precious information. 


Virtual Geolocation Switching

With SurfGuard, you can change how the Internet sees your geolocation. For example, if you live in the UK, you can appear to live in the USA. This keeps your actual location safe and comes in handy for viewing content restricted to a particular region.

habit trackingIP Masking.

Many websites and Internet service providers track your device's IP address. SurfGuard keeps them guessing by masking your actual IP with one of ours – and because we use different IP addresses, your true identity, location and habits are safe from prying eyes.

(Note that cookies are not blocked by SurfGuard and are also used to track your habits online. You must disable or block cookies in your browser settings separately.)



Unlimited Use.

For peace of mind,  SurfGuard gives you unlimited privacy protection 24hrs, 365 days a year.  Use SurfGuard when travelling, joining public WiFi networks or simply to keep your device cloaked at all times.

solo flexing blue

Tried & Tested.

Solo for iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus features a slim, low-profile design and is designed to offer daily protection against hazards. It's made with a non-toxic, durable thermo-polymer and snugly encapsulates the iPhone. Available in clear and colors, its scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and smear resistant finish offers a translucent view of the iPhone. Solo also features covered volume and power buttons and camera zone with flash-glare protection.

How do I get SurfGuard?
A. SurfGuard is included with the iSkin Solo + SurfGuard Bundle for iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus. SurfGuard activation codes are emailed shortly after your purchase of the iSkin Solo case with SurfGuard.


Can I buy SurfGuard alone?
A. Yes, download the SurfGuard app from the app store on your iPhone or iPad and purchase an account from within it. Download the App


Q. How is SurfGuard different from a VPN
SurfGuard is a VPN service. SurfGuard uses VPN Unlimited as its system service provider.


Can I use SurfGuard on my MacBook or iMac?
A. Currently we support SurfGuard only on your iPhone or iPad.


How long do I get SurfGuard for when I purchase an iSkin Solo?
A. SurfGuard is included with your iSkin Solo for 1 year from the date of activation.


Can I deactivate SurfGuard on my device?
A. Yes! SurfGuard is automatically set to be on at all times. You can change this state in the Settings > VPN on your iPhone.


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