iSkin Vera Folio for iPad 9.7" and iPad Air 2 – Best iPad Folio.

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iSkin vera folio for iPad 9.7"
The versatile and sophisticated Vera Folio for iPad Pro 9.7".

Hand crafted with quality materials and designed for those seeking functionality and versatility with full iPad protection.


iSkin vera stand mode

Stands for Perfection
 The Vera Folio stands perfectly for media viewing or displaying your presentations. It has a wide base that resists tipping over and gives you hands free functionality when you most need it.


iskin vera hands free folio

Hands Free
The Vera Folio features a secure way to hold your iPad Pro when on the go. It latches securely around your arm, letting you focus on taking photos, showing presentations or simply using your iPad while standing.

iSkin vera in typing mode

Just Your Type
The Vera Folio versatility shines with its convenient typing mode that's ideal for typing emails or sketching out your next big idea using the Apple Pencil.


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