iSkin SurfGuard. Free VPN for your iPhone

Protect your privacy when you join wifi networks and surf the web. SurfGuard works in the background on your iPhone to encrypt data sent and received over any wifi network and the Internet. It uses virtual private network (VPN) technology to create a virtual, encrypted tunnel so that your photos, iMessages, FaceBook posts.  SKYPE calls and more is safe from Internet hazards.


What is SurfGuard? SurfGuard is specialized VPN or Virtual Private Network. The main purpose of SurfGuard is to ensure your online security and privacy. To do this, SurfGuard encrypts the traffic you transmit over the network, therefore keeping everything you do online completely anonymous.

How does it work? SurfGuard adds a new network interface which functions exactly as if you were working with a direct Internet connection. However, your IP address is now virtual, and all your traffic is encrypted across this network. SurfGuard enables a host internet connected device to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if they are an integral part of a private network, with all the functionality, security and management policies that private networks provide. 

Does using SurfGuard slow down my internet connection? SurfGuard does NOT decrease the connection speed for any user. However, the conditions for your connection may vary due to the current workload on the selected SurfGuard server and the distance from your location to the selected SurfGuard server. 

Can I increase the speed of my connection by using SurfGuard? This is possible as SurfGuard bypasses some of the throttles placed by ISPs. 

In what countries do you provide SurfGuard servers? We are constantly increasing the amount of locations of our SurfGuard servers, so you can view the latest list from inside the SurfGuard client app.


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