iSkin Revo Sport

Introducing revo Sport
Dual-Layer shock and impact protection with rugged good looks for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6/6S Plus.

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Play it Safe. Double Up.
The revo Sport combines the impact absorbing benefits of premium silicone with the strengthening advantage of polycarbonate. Both layers combine to form a dependable, 360 degree protective barrier against impacts, moisture and other daily hazards.



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Port Saavy
The revo Sport features port covers on both the charging and earphone ports on the iPhone. It helps to keep dust, dirt and moisture from entering the ports and cause permanent damage.


Button Up
The highly used volume and power buttons are protected against dirt, moisture and wear, yet remaining fully functional.

Finishing Touches
The revo Sport is finished in a dark, brushed metal effect with beautifully accenting silicone colors to match.



Drop Tested
The revo Sport has been tested to withstand drops that can cause major damage. Its 360 degree coverage keeps your iPhone safe and sound.



iSkin revo Sport for iPhone 6/6S/Plus

Color Coded
revo Sport's collection of vibrant colors are designed to compliment the Apple watch. Colors include: Vigor Black, Fury Coral, Energy Green and Adrenaline Blue.

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Questions & Answers

iSkin revo Sport (for iPhone 6/6S & iPhone 6/6S Plus)

Q. Does the revo Sport work with glass or film screen protectors?
A. Yes, the revo Sport is designed to accommodate most screen protectors.

Q. Does the revo Sport protect the iPhone's screen when dropped?
A. Yes, the revo Sport's unique silicone layer design helps to protect the iPhone's screen when dropped or placed face down.

Q. Is the revo Sport waterproof?
A. No. Although the revo Sport does protect against moisture from wet or sweaty hands and spills, it is not designed to be warter-proof and should not be submersed in water.

Q. How thick is the revo Sport?
A. The revo Sport maintains a slim profile yet offers approximately 4mm thickness overall for substantial protection from most drops.

Q. How does the revo Sport compare to other tough cases?
A. As with all designs by iSkin, the revo Sport is engineered to protect yet offer great looks. We feel we have achieved excellent drop protection without extra bulk and unsightly looks.

Q. How do I clean the revo Sport?
A. It is recommended that you remove the revo Sport from the iPhone, wash with warm water and liquid soap and dry thoroughly before placing on to the iPhone.