About iSkin

A Little About iSkin

Established in 2002, iSkin has built its reputation on quality, design and innovation to become a globally recognized brand in the Apple accessory ecosystem. What started as a simple idea to create a case that would precisely follow the contour of the device it protects (a skin) soon became an industry starting with the original iSkin for Apple iPod (Released in 2001).

Utilizing modern materials, design and manufacturing technology, iSkin has achieved many firsts including the full-scale use of silicone/TPU, anti-microbial agents and fused materials in its protective solutions. Plus, we use materials that are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly in both our product and packaging.

iSkin continues to build on it's brand as it continues its heritage to deliver unique products, new ideas and imaginative designs to its global customer base. 

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