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 iSkin ProTouch Classic

Dependable Keyboard Protection.

ProTouch Classic keyboard protectors offer dependable spill and key wear protection for the Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro / Air and iMac keyboards. The ultra-slim design allows it to remain on the keyboard at all times to aid in blocking dirt, spills and other impurities from entering the crevices. It can be easily removed and washed making it perfect for home, business and institutional environments.

Perfect for home, school and work.

The ProTouch Classic also works with the Apple (Wired / Wireless) iMac keyboards and work is ideal for kids and multi-user environments. Made with 100% non-toxic and anti-microbial silicone, it can be removed, washed and reused as needed.

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10 reasons why you need a ProTouch Keyboard Protector

  1. Prevents key wear extending the life of your keyboard and computer 
  2. Stops dirt, dust, pollen, pet fur and other particles from getting between keys 
  3. Health safe, hypoallergenic, BPA, phallates and lead free (100% Silicone) 
  4. Helps to prevent the growth of microbes and fungus 
  5. Catches food spills 
  6. Does not affect normal typing style and speed 
  7. Easily removed and washed (with warm/hot water and dish detergent, dry thoroughly) 
  8. Helps reduce typing (clicking) sounds 
  9. Great for kids 
  10. Ideal for multi-user environments (home, work, school and public environments)



ProTouch FAQ
Q. How is ProTouch different from typical (TPU) plastic keyboard covers?
A. ProTouch is made with 100% Silicone. A hypoallergenic, non-toxic, child safe material used in many healthcare and kitchen products. Silicone is pliable, durable and moisture proof. It also dissipates heat quickly and can be washed or reused without cracking or stiffening like thermoplastic keyboard protectors. 
Q. Will ProTouch Classic affect my typing?
A. ProTouch is soft and pliable, it fits over each key, maintaining a natural typing feel. For some, having a keyboard cover may feel a little strange at first – but soon after, you will love how it makes typing feel, more comfortable. 
Q. How can I clean my Protouch Classic?
A. We recommend you remove your ProTouch keyboard protector as frequently as needed or at least twice a month. Wash with warm to hot water and liquid soap. This helps to remove finger oils and dirt, as well as any built up grime. 
Q. Does ProTouch Classic work with the Apple back-lit keyboards?
A. ProTouch Classic (non-printed) keyboard covers do allow the light from the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air keyboards to show through effectively. 
Q. How does ProTouch help to reduce the spread of germs?
A. ProTouch is impervious to moisture and does not allow microbes or fungus to multiply effectively. Furthermore, since it can be removed and washed it increases the act of sterilization.


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